Prophet Elijah


The worldwide association of Elliniko inhabitants was first founded in 1920, under the presidency of Spyros Lagodimos. It was re-founded in 1923 by the efforts of Dimitrios Barbalias, with the aim of collecting money for carrying out work in this extraordinary village. The association, as Georgios A. Papantoniou mentions in his book, purchased equipment for the church. Following the German occupation in WW2 it sent clothing and money to the destitute, insecticide to wipe out the grasshoppers, and tools to open the road from Elliniko to Ancient Gortys. The medical centre was founded on the initiative of the Association, which bought the land for 10,000 drachma and gave it to the community. From 1974 the Society entered a new stage of development. It organised a land purchase, with a view to building a hotel in the village, and from a donation of Panagiotis Christos Koniaris, himself from the village, it obtained two apartments and a shop in the Exarcheia district of Athens.
In 1998 the Fourlis brothers, in consultation with the board of directors, proceeded to build a hotel, which they gave to the Association, and provided fresh impetus to the development of the area. The Association is active in all aspects of the social and cultural life of the village. It founded a blood bank, gives awards to high-achievers in higher education every year, publishes the “Elliniko News” and engineers or has a hand in many projects which take place both in Athens and in the village.

All the issues of the “Elliniko News” newspaper, can be found here.

 Address of the Association:  Em. Benaki 73, Athens 10681, Tel: 2103811888, email: [email protected]


Elliniko Women’s Association


The Elliniko Women’s Association was founded in 1995. It mobilised the village’s women. It is very active, especially in the cultural sphere, both in Athens and in the village, where it maintains offices in the square. Its board of directors has a two-year term.


Ellenikon Benevolent Society

In 1945 the “Ellenikon Benevolent Society” was founded in Boston. Its goal was to provide help for the victims of WW2 in the village. Since then it has never ceased to help Elliniko, and frequently works in collaboration with the local associations. Recently it made an important financial contribution to the electrical lighting of the main road in the village, and from 2002 it has given awards to successful students in higher education, thanks to a 4000 dollar legacy from Dimitris Georgantas to the “Prophet Elijah” Association.