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Following the construction of the aqueduct by Charalambos Taloumis in 1922, the need arose for a cistern to serve better the inhabitants of the village. The work was completed by Ioannis Mavrakos, who was an emigrant from Elliniko in America. The construction was completed in the autumn of 1954.

The cistern has a stone-built wall that was banked up so that only the front of the cistern is visible, while over its entrance a marble plaque bears the name of the donator. With a 150 cubic metre capacity, it represents a superb technical accomplishment for its time, and the route of the aqueduct was modified – also funded by I. Mavrakos – to pass through the cistern. It was opened on the 20th of February 1955 by the president G. Koniaris, and I. Mavrakos was heralded as a Great Benefactor of the community.

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