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Already by 1915, the community of Elliniko had bought the land for the school. In 1930 the Supervisor for local schools, Petropoulos, brought up the subject again and following a discussion with the inhabitants, it was decided to construct a state school, with the support of the state, the community, and fund-raising initiatives. For the construction of the school, inhabitants of Elliniko and emigrants from the village in America made financial contributions, while the families of the village helped personally with manual labour. The total cost of the school came to 29,700 drachma. The work was finished in September 1932 thanks to the efforts of the teacher Th. Papageorgiou and of G. Sakellaropoulou.

Since 1860, when the school of the Elliniko community was founded, until 1906, it had 50 to 80 pupils, while as time went on the number increased steadily and in 1936 reached 153. This increase in numbers was maintained until 1947-1948, whereupon it gradually lessened, and today the school remains closed.

In September 1963 a three-grade high school began to operate. It closed in 1999. It was not just children from Elliniko that went here, but in the first years children from neighbouring villages would come, together with teachers who lived in their villages, and they brought vitality and energy to the village. Pupils who graduated from this high school later distinguished themselves in science, arts and commerce. Friendships sprung up between pupils from all the villages, which last up to today. The same is true for the teachers, who came from various corners of the country to teach at the school.

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