The Village


Elliniko is built on three small hills, at a height of 700m, hence its nickname “Trilofo” (meaning ‘Three Hills’). It is in the district of Gortynia in the region of Arcadia, and is situated between Stemnitsa to the north, where Mount Hypsous rises (1516m.) and Karytena to the south. The plateau of Megalopolis extends to the south, from the vantage point of Agios Georgios, while in a south-westerly direction Mount Lykaion at Olympia can be seen. In the west the village of Atsicholos is visible, where runs the Lousios river, known in mythology as the place where the nymphs Hagno, Theisoa and Neda bathed Arcadian Zeus. Elliniko is one of the most beautiful traditional villages in Greece.

Take a walk through the village, using Google Street View:

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