Mavrakeios School

At the south entrance of the village is built Mavrakeios school.  It was donated by John Mavrakis Elias who left as an immigrant to America at the age of 18. The purpose of the donor was to establish the Greek professional American artisanal school to train young people on various practical professions. It was completed in 1969 and is fully equipped featuring besides classrooms and auxiliary rooms, a banquet room, several offices, a library and sport facilities. Unfortunately the death of the donor and his son and the migration of young people in the 70s contributed to the school not fulfilling the purpose for which it was founded.For some years it operated as a Elliniko high school and in 1990 the community because of an unsustainable maintenance budget and facing destruction conceded its use to the Public Electric Company for staff training. The building was again renovated and a tile roof was placed. After the establishment of the municipality of Trikolones, the municipality in claiming the return of the building to the local community where it also belongs.