Tour in Elliniko Arkadias (Moulatsi Gortynias) / 2014 

This video is a kind offering of the collaborators of Mr Dimitris Avramopoulos’ office.

We live in Greece: Elliniko in Gortynia


Wonderful Greece: Lousios and its Monasteries 

The Lousios Gorge is known by many as the Mount Athos of the Peloponnese. The many old churches and monasteries which hang up high from the cliff tops of the gorge were important spiritual centres and refuges for the local inhabitants during the period of the Turkish occupation.
Some of the most impressive of the monasteries are Prodromou, Filosofou, Aimyalon and Kalamiou, which are all shown on the video.

The video was produced by the Municipality of Tricoloni with generous sponsorship from the Ministry of Tourism and the help of the Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos.


Auld Lang Syne by Sissel (Live) Happy New Year