Placing sings with a flashing hazard on the main entrances of our village


Today, Wednesday, April 30,2014, two warning signs were placed at the main entrance of our village, in order to safeguard the safety of our pedestrians.

More specifically, the signs were placed just before the start of the residential area and are addressed to incoming drivers, in order to reduce their passing speed, drawing their attention for pedestrians.

The signs are accompanied by an autonomous warning light system, consisting of a solar panel and a battery. The specific system is environment friendly, as it is powered autonomously and does not require any connection with the Public Power Corporation.

Moreover, the system is friendly to the driver. Due to its brightness sensors, it is able to reduce the flashing light’s brightness, during the evening hours, in order to avoid the disturbance of the driver’s visibility.

Finally, in the following days another warning sign will be placed at the entrance of our village, for the drivers coming from the area of Lousios river, so that the protection of pedestrians and especially our children is complete, always with respect to the environment and sustainable development.